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Where can I find Free Auto Repair Manuals Online


There are many sites on the net that suggest they will give you access to free auto repair manuals. Well the fact is there are copyright laws that prohibit this from happening. There are some sites that can and will provided you with sections or parts of the material for a particular repair. For example they will send you complete instructions on replacing an alternator or a set of brakes. The best Site for Auto Repair Manuals.


Fuel Pump 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3L

Removal & Installation

To Remove:

  1. Remove the fuel tank.
  2. Disconnect the fuel lines.
  3. Using the J 45722 or equivalent, remove the sending unit lock ring.

    Fuel Pump

  4. Remove the sending unit and seal.
  5. Discard the seal.

    Drain the fuel from the fuel sender assembly into an approved container in order to reduce the risk of fire and personal injury. Never store the fuel in an open container.

  6. Clean sealing surfaces.

To Install:

In order to reduce the risk of fire and personal injury that may result from a fuel leak, always replace the fuel sender gasket when reinstalling the fuel sender assembly.

  1. Install a NEW seal.

    The fuel pump strainer must be in a horizontal position when the sending unit is installed in the tank. When installing the sending unit, assure that the fuel pump strainer does not block full travel of the float arm.

  2. Install the sending unit into the fuel tank.
  3. Using J 45722 or equivalent, install the sending unit lock ring.
  4. Connect the fuel lines to the sending unit.
  5. Install the fuel tank.